#420 Series, Signature Series PLUS Ceramic Paint & Primer In One - Matte Finish


Signature Series Plus Ceramic Paint & Primer In One - Matte Finish is a specially formulated interior wall paint that incorporates new resin technologies and the use of “Ceramic Microspheres”. By combining these two properties, we create a product that provides an excellent “stain barrier” finish, enhancing its overall toughness and resilience against dirt and stains, and has excellent self-priming properties. Its smooth matte finish is easy to apply, provides excellent coverage, adhesion, durability, and scrub resistance. It is ideally suited for application in occupied areas such as, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Government Buildings, Schools, Hotels/Motels, Nursing Homes, Schools, Apartments, etc., where the health concerns of these types of environments are a concern.


  • New Resin Technology
  • Ceramic Microsphere
  • Self Priming
  • Excellent Coverage
  • Low Odor
  • Excellent Stain Resistance
  • Easy To Apply