#2350 Series, Industrial Coatings Pre-Catalyzed Waterborne Semi-Gloss Epoxy


A specially formulated pre-catalyzed single component interior epoxy coating that offers performance characteristic that are tantamount to traditional waterborne two-component epoxies, but without all the difficulties that two-component products exhibit. Its rich semi-gloss finish offers excellent hardness and durability, as well as excellent resistance to abrasion. It is easy to apply, offers excellent coverage, adhesion, and provides excellent corrosion and chemical resistant properties. Its special formulation is low odor, VOC compliant, suitable for application in USDA inspected facilities, and excellent for application in hospitals, commercial kitchens, schools, processing plants, health care facilities, and any other area where a low odor high performance coating is specified or preferred.

  • Waterborne Epoxy Formula
  • Rich Semi-Gloss Finish
  • Excellent Coverage
  • Excellent Durability
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • VOC Compliant
  • Easy To Apply