#1120, Rust Shield Industrial Universal Primer - Off White


Richard’s Rust Shield Industrial Coatings Universal Primer is a high performance, versatile primer specially formulated for application to properly prepared interior and exterior metal surfaces. Its special formulation provides excellent protection against rust and corrosion, which enables application in industrial areas. It is moisture resistant, alkali and chemical resistance, and may be applied to slightly, rusted metal surfaces. It applies easily, and provides excellent coverage, may be top coated with a variety of finish coatings, such as latex and alkyd/oil-based coating, industrial coatings, such as two component epoxies, aliphatic urethanes, and most oleo resinous coating systems and it meets Federal Specification TT-P-6664C.
  • High Performance
  • Rust Preventative
  • Superior Coverage
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Easy To Apply
  •  Product Versatility